Revitalize Your Intimacy and Rediscover Passion

When romance gets your heart pumping, it boosts your circulation. Unfortunately, that increased blood flow doesn't always go where it matters. More than 50 percent of men will experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. There are countless quick fixes, including the famous little blue pill.

However, most sexual dysfunction stems from weakened blood flow and the sensitive tissues of the penis and testicles. And the good news is, these problems can be solved!

We believe in treating the root cause rather than only the symptoms. By rejuvenating the blood vessels in those sensitive areas, we can empower you to enjoy stronger erections — even in the spur of the moment.



A penis is a spongy organ that hardens when engorged with blood. Two central chambers comprising the corpora cavernosa run down the shift. Upon arousal, your nerves send a signaling chemical called nitric oxide to the penis's blood vessels. This triggers the release of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), which encourages smooth muscle tissue to relax.

Thus, the corpora cavernosa's main arteries expand, allowing blood to flow in. The veins along the surface close, effectively trapping blood inside. This is what makes the penis firm. Conversely, when the arteries begin to tighten and the inflow stops, the penis gets soft.

Age, stress, injury, and many other factors affect this mechanism. Overall, though, the problems usually lie with poor circulation or inadequate vessels to maintain an erection. Drugs such as Viagra decrease the penis's levels of the enzyme PDE5, which would otherwise counteract cGMP and causes the arteries to close too soon. However, Viagra and similar drugs must be taken in advance of sexual activity. They also have unpleasant side effects and a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, which is already the top killer of older men.

That's why new acoustic wave treatments hold such promise. Rather than tricking the arteries into staying open, they encourage the penis's blood vessels toproliferate. Healthy tissue is better able to receive nitric oxide and sustain the blood flow.




As we age, our blood vessels may shrink due to plaque buildup, lower heart rate, or tissue damage. Stress inhibits nerve signals from our brains to our muscles — including the smooth muscle along the arteries. It can also interrupt a state of arousal.

Therefore, men may develop ED for a number of reasons. It may very well be a temporary condition induced by stress, injury, or mood. However, older men, or those who smoke and drink frequently, are more likely to have persistent ED.

Either way, it can cause embarrassment, frustration, and damage to relationships.

ED also includes Peyronie's disease, a painful condition in which scar tissue has built up within the penis. This often causes a curvature, which can make erections painful or difficult. The best treatment is to remove scar tissue — which, as with blood vessel rejuvenation, can be done with acoustic wave therapy!

How Does Acoustic Wave Therapy Work?

MPulse is a restorative, non-invasive, and drug-free treatment in which radiofrequency waves are directed toward the penis. The energy stimulates blood flow and breaks down plaque, healing the blood vessels and encouraging new ones to develop. The penis is thus better able to sustain inflow, while any scar tissue is broken down and replaced by healthy tissue.

The treatment effectively restores your penis's circulatory system, which is crucial for strong, sustainable erections! There is no need to wait for a pill to kick in. When the moment strikes, you can be ready to go. It's a recipe for confidence. Plus, many patients report increased sensitivity and girth. That's the power of healthy vessels and tissue — and it can be yours with MPulse.

Why choose MPulse?

MPulse is one of the few non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical options for ED treatment and overall genital wellness. By stimulating the body's innate restorative abilities, it facilitates harder, easier erections — without the risk of painfully long erections, which is a common side effect of the little blue pill. Plus, acoustic wave therapy can reduce the scar tissue associated with Peyronie's.

Are you ready to reclaim your love life and enjoy greater satisfaction and virility without having to pop a pill or go under the knife?

With MPulse, it's possible...Say yes to intimacy and hello to confidence!

Ready to Pulse Up Your Pleasure?

It's time to restore your sexual wellness from within. MPulse is a safe, naturally stimulating alternative to risky surgeries and pharmaceuticals. In fact, it's an ideal way to restore your performance and heighten your sensitivity!

Do you want to overcome ED and enjoy a passionate love life? Reach out to an MPulse provider near you to inquire about our treatment options